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Takyon brings the concept of resellability to the hotel industry with the launch of the Resellable Rate and the creation of the Takyon Travel Exchange, the world’s first secondary market – based on blockchain – where individuals can buy and sell hotel reservations as they were t-shorts or smartphones.

The startup was launched in October 2022 by Antonio Picozzi, Niccolò Francesco Marino, Simona Graziani and Vincenzo Bonaccorso and after 9 months has already generated €1M gross booking with over 1400 reservations happened at the Resellable Rate.

The need that Takyon wants to solve is the following: when booking a stay, customers face a choice between paying the lowest price with the risk of losing their money if they can’t use the reservation (Non-Refundable Rate) or having the flexibility to cancel the booking by paying a premium price (Refundable Rate).

With the Resellable Rate, people can finally book hotel reservations at the lowest price while maintaining the option to resell the reservation in case of unused stays. Bookings are made directly through the hotel’s website, while resale takes place on Takyon, the first marketplace dedicated to buying and selling hotel reservations.

Even if exploiting the Blockchain technology to transform reservations into NFTs, Takyon applies a Web 2.5 approach. This means that even if the internally-developed technology is based on blockchain, with reservations tokenized to ensure security and traceability of resale, the user experience is Web 2 and accessible to all customers, allowing resale on Takyon through a standard registration/login process and payment with a credit card.

As far of now, Takyon has secured 100+ agreements with independent hotels and is closing three pilot projects with international chains to be launched by the end of the year.

Even if currently focused on hospitality, Takyon has a clear vision: becoming the major international travel marketplace and adding transportation and experience tickets to its portfolio.

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