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Vitruvius Partners Group

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About this business

We are a project & change management team with expertise in the hospitality industry

We are ecosystem experts with a holistic approach to business.

We operate as an externalized ‘ad-hoc’ or ‘long-term’ change catalyst, not dissimilar to the business model of a legal firm, guiding our clients in their strategic and operational decision-making.

We enable our clients to seize opportunities and adapt to disruptive forces. Our multi-faceted team of C-level tourism-industry executives brings a wealth of expertise in a cost-effective and agile business model.

Our aim is to make client organizations more responsive to change in their industries and markets and equip them to take maximum advantage of emerging opportunities. Vitruvius Advisory guides our clients and their teams on how to prepare and support individuals to successfully adopt change in order to drive organizational success.

We are not consultants, we are change management agents who promote, champion, enable, and support changes to be made in your organization.

Together with our clients, we:

Implement game-changing strategies, tools, and techniques in the field of leadership development, change management, and corporate eco-system re-design

Create a personalized and tailor-made plan to reframe your people and operations into world-class levels of performance

Develop the ability to establish strategies to change, adapt, and respond to disruptive forces

Build the strength to leverage your teams as a strategic asset

Transform risk into a strategic advantage and mitigate threats to your internal eco-system

Re-enforce governance and compliance throughout your organization


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