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Solutions Parfum

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About this business

SOLUTIONS PARFUM is a family-owned company based in Grasse building up its business reputation for more than 20 years in the perfume industry.

Its offer begins with a fragrance creation and goes to bespoke scented products manufacturing in white label.  In other words, we create and manufacture tailored scented products for our customers enable them to welcome, promote, communicate and sell thanks to perfume.

SOLUTIONS PARFUM has already convinced many of the most beautiful houses in the luxury hotel industry but also shops, congress centres, car hire/drivers companies, excursions companies, …

At Solutions Parfum, people are always at the heart of exchanges.

The leitmotiv of the owner, Karine DERACO, is to combine a perfumery with a piece of industrial knowledge and its optimized costs while keeping a soul and a quality of artisanal manufacture.

Examples of products:
– Scented delivery systems or reed sticks diffusers that diffuse fragrances in the air
– Scented candles and home fragrances for sale or giveaways
– Marketing items such as scented ceramics to slip into a handbag, a garment or a drawer, a scented (business/ invitation) card to make the ephemeral memorable
– Housekeeping products for a better olfactory coherence everywhere
– Toiletry products, especially with the AMENITIZ ® brand but not only

Focus on the AMENITIZ ® brand

AMENITIZ® products are solid cosmetics made to reduce the environmental impact of hotels and guesthouses while meeting the demanding needs of their customers. The bath line, composed of an innovative 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo bar for hair and body (shower gel, shampoo and conditioner) and face soap, is a real response to the waste generated by traditional amenities and an efficient solution to reduce plastic rubbish.

Made in the South of France from mild washing agents and non-sulfated surfactants, enriched with hydrogenated and vegetable oils, the products are easy to use and elegant in their FSC cardboard packaging proudly standing the tricolour flag. They both have a very good rinsability, a sweet perfume whose secret is in Grasse, composed around a woody and vegetal fig note that will suit everyone. The beautiful abundant foam of the 3-in-1 will surprise more than one.

AMENITIZ® goes straight to the point by combining know-how and innovation to come into the bathrooms of hoteliers and guesthouses that want to take care of their guest and the environment.