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Park Hotel Mignon

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About this business

Welcome to the 5-star Hotel Mignon, where nature meets the city.

Luxurious hotel in the heart of Merano, and Wellness Hotel amidst nature at the same time

A world of its own: Only a few meters from the city center of Merano, behind the gate of Via Karl Grabmayr 5, you will find an unmistakable holiday scenery: Surrounded by the well looked-after gardens of small villas, and protected by majestic mountain summits, this hidden jewel comprises 10,000 m² – the Mignon hotel area.

Those who spend their holidays at Park Hotel Mignon, will be amazed by the many advantages, that the family-operated luxury hotel in Merano has to offer.

Holiday advantages, which only the 5-star Hotel Mignon in Merano can offer:

Best position in Merano and plenty of space: Only a 5-minute walk from the city center and amidst greenery. At the Mignon you will have plenty of space and even your own park centrally located in Merano: Nowhere else, are the Mediterranean nature and lifestyle as close together as here in the Luxury Hotel Mignon in Merano.

Quiet and individual retreat options: Beneath the palm trees, at the pool, or on the roof terrace with a 360° view – everywhere you will find a quiet place to relax. Furthermore, you have your own balcony or even a private roof terrace with a whirlpool, if you like…

private, 1,500 m² large garden for dogs amidst Merano

Extraordinary inclusive services, which will make it even easier to enjoy.

True South Tyrolean hospitality for three generations: The Glatt-Amort hotelier family and the Mignon staff, which predominantly come from Merano and surroundings, do everything for the comfort of their guests. They care for each guest in an attentive and discreet way.

Look forward to natural luxury in the Park Hotel Mignon

Natural luxury is, when…

…you get the smell of summer jasmine and the loudest noise you hear is a butterfly flying past, when time stands still in the sun when a bird twitters a love song on the balcony, when the world is far away, yet only a five-minute walk away…


ownership and management: Sissi Amort-Ellmenreich


Contact Info

K. Grabmayrstraße, 5, 39012 Meran, BZ, Italy