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Missing Italia DMC

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About this business

Imagine having a different menu every time, because that’s how we work to create customized itineraries in Italy. Offering a myriad of services, reinvented and customised each time.


Missing Italia DMC is a Destination Management Company founded in 2004 by the comprehensive experiences of Antonella, Cristina, Katia, Michela and Patricia.
In the time span of more than fifteen years, we have been designing different kinds of travel experiences in Italy for Groups, Incentives and FITs from around the world.
We offer the assurance of a round trip constructed with care and authenticity, designed by a team of professionals who love and know Italy; both its history and beauty.
We plan events and itineraries, to welcome and accompany guests to beautiful settings in our country, enriching their stay with carefully selected experiences and valuable details to remember.


A team of passionate travellers made up of males, females of varying ages.
This is who we are. We travel before our customers: we study, feel, experience, we savour.
Passionate about our country; this is our first crucial ingredient: we recommend only what we know, and for our customers; we are observers, listeners and tireless walkers.
Italian hospitality
Cultivating Italian hospitality, taking care of every detail, every choice, and in return, the warmth of appreciation that we have gotten from all over the world has been passed on through our conviction in creating a perfect balance: like in all successful recipes, the secret is in orchestrating a balance between taste and time.

Listening and Creativity

We want every journey to be unique: in both its creation and inventiveness. For this reason, we pay attention to the needs and demands of our customers, surprising them with tailored proposals and itineraries.
From the identification of goals, the choice of guides and experiences, every soul is showered with care.


Try imagining having a different menu every time, because that’s how we work. Offering a myriad of services, reinvented and customised each time:
• tailor-made trips – itineraries created and designed based on the customer’s personal taste ;
• programming – careful, step by step planning of the journey;
• themed circuits based on- gastronomic, sporting, artistic, cultural, music, religion;
• Special events – dinners in prestigious palaces, treasure hunts, rides in a vintage car, cooking classes with prestigious chefs, private tours and experiences that allows one to enjoy the charm of the ‘Bella Country’;
• MICE – conventions, business trips, team building activities and exclusive entertainment, designed to purpose.


Our focus is on the ‘emotion’.
Our trips are a special occasion to establish an authentic relationship with places visited which entails the culture and the people who inhabit them.
Beyond the realms of each successive trip, we want those travelling with Missing Italia living their individual Travel experiences; unique, personal, participatory.




Contact Info

Via Jacopo da Corte, 45d, 35028 Piove di Sacco PD, Italy