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Lázár Equestrian Park

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The Lázár Equestrian Park was founded 2001 by the 21-time world-champion carriage driver Lázár brothers. It is situated 35 kilometres from Budapest in a picturesque valley among the hills of the Gödöllő natural protected area, in a nine-hectare area.

The Park awaits its guests with 20 years of experience in hospitality. Our main goal is to present Hungarian tourist attractions in a half-day package program: the equestrian culture and the history of the Hungarian horse sport, traditional cuisine, famous Hungarian wines, gipsy music and folklore dance, and the presentation of Hungarian indigenous farm animals.

In our main building we have three separated Hungarian-styled lodges, each of them capable of accepting 150-200 guests, have their own entrance and bathroom. We also have a private room for approximately 40 guests. In front of each lodge, there is a spacious terrace with a wonderful view of the nearby hills.

We await both families and individual guests every weekend for an unlimited buffet lunch and with several programs from 10 am to 4 pm.

We have a horse show held at our outside horse ground, generally at 12am. There is a covered tribune that can receive 300 guests at a time. The horse show introduces the Hungarian equestrian traditions with spectacular tricks of the riders such as the famous Puszta-five, carriage driving and Queen Elisabeth’s performance in contemporary costume and riding in a side-saddle. In case of bad weather, we can hold the horseshow in our new indoor riding arena. The arena can take in 200 people on the tribune.

For greater events we can put a wooden floor on the ground and turn the riding hall into an event site – in this case, it can take more than 1 000 guests. The arena can be heated, light and sound system are available.

In our Hungarian courtyard, we present the indigenous Hungarian domestic animals – such as Mangalica pig, grey oxen and puli dogs – to our visitors.

The exhibition in our Lazareum museum presents the history of the carriage, the Hungarian equestrian sport and the carriage driving career of the Lázár brothers. The museum’s illustrational films are dubbed in 9 different languages.

We offer carriage rides in the nearby hills. We have covered carriages in case of bad weather.

We organized many team building programs in our Park during the years – we have a series of playful games called „Puszta olympiade”.

The Park often gives a place for large company events but is also suitable for smaller delegations or incentive groups.

We have our own Covid protocol to ensure the safety of our guests.

The Park can be easily approached on the highway M3 in just 45 minutes from Budapest.

Besides visiting our Park you can go on a hike or a bike tour in the surrounding natural protected area or angle by the nearby lake. The visit can be connected with a trip to the nearby Royal Palace in Gödöllő (Sisi Castle), making it a diverse whole day program.


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