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La Briosa – Bolzano

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About this business

La Briosa is a unique haven where joy, beauty, and an unparalleled atmosphere of sustainable and locally sourced timber architecture come together to create an enchanting experience of warm hospitality.

Each of the 17 exquisitely designed rooms at La Briosa is suffused with natural light, courtesy of two floor-to-ceiling windows that not only illuminate the space but also offer mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape. The architectural brilliance of the asymmetrical window design complements the graceful round arches, fostering a harmonious dialogue with the outside world. For added comfort and privacy, these windows can be elegantly screened off during the night, providing guests with an undisturbed rest.

Spanning between 30 and 36 m², each room at La Briosa offers ample space, exuding a sense of openness while providing all the amenities essential for a truly relaxing stay. Embracing a commitment to eco-friendliness, La Briosa makes conscious choices to ensure a high ecological standard. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and glue, as the rooms boast stone floors and an abundance of locally sourced wood, demonstrating a genuine dedication to sustainability and the preservation of natural resources.

The environmentally conscious ethos extends beyond the construction of the building itself. La Briosa takes pride in implementing eco-friendly practices to the fullest extent possible. Nestled atop the building, a lush green roof serves as a sanctuary for buzzing bees, promoting biodiversity and fostering a connection with nature. Harnessing the power of the sun, solar panels efficiently generate warmth during colder months, providing guests with a cosy and inviting ambience. Moreover, the ingenious cooling system employed within the premises ensures a refreshing and pleasant atmosphere, all without the environmental impact associated with traditional air-conditioning methods.

At La Briosa, every aspect of the establishment reflects a profound dedication to sustainability, blending comfort, and style with environmental consciousness. Guests can indulge in an eco-friendly retreat, immersing themselves in the beauty of nature while relishing the warm and welcoming hospitality that is at the very heart of La Briosa’s ethos. Whether seeking a serene escape or a responsible getaway, La Briosa promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the splendour of sustainable living.


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Via dei Cappuccini, 12, 39100 Bolzano BZ, Italy