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Innovation Voyages is an Incoming Tour Operator based in Nice-Côte d’Azur, France, specializing in all aspects of incoming tourism and offering a wide range of high-quality products. We have established partnerships with numerous accommodations across the country, including apartments and villas in various categories.

With our extensive experience in the field, along with our expertise, refined taste, and multilingual proficiency (Italian, English, Spanish, French), we ensure effective communication with our customers.

We provide comprehensive organization and assistance for different types of travel, catering to leisure, business, and incentive purposes. Our current focus is on sustainable tourism, fostering connections with local communities, organizing handicraft workshops, and offering nature-oriented trips.

In addition to offering traditional incoming services, we specialize in unique and extraordinary experiences, such as accommodation in unconventional lodgings like yurts, tents, perched huts, and trailers. We also arrange sea safaris and special discovery tours, including treasure hunts on islands or in small villages, regattas, and sea excursions to observe the fascinating marine life in our Pelagos Sanctuary, home to dolphins and whales.

For those with specific interests, we offer special music programs, such as French singing lessons and opportunities to collaborate with local choruses or orchestras. Gastronomy enthusiasts can participate in training courses led by renowned chefs, starting from ingredient selection at local markets to the preparation and savouring of delectable dishes. We also facilitate unique dining experiences, such as dinners hosted by locals in their homes or picnics in picturesque natural settings.

Moreover, we provide wine and cheese tastings in renowned organic wine cellars near Nice or on the Lerins islands in Cannes’ Bay. For beer enthusiasts, we arrange visits to local breweries, allowing them to learn about the brewing process and indulge in beer tastings. Those interested in the art of perfumery can engage in a “Make your own perfume” workshop at a traditional perfumery factory.

Additionally, we organize various handicraft workshops, including basketwork, ceramics, knitting with organic wool sourced from the mountains around Nice, glass blowing, dried flower arrangements, and the creation of organic soaps and creams.

For sports enthusiasts, we offer a range of activities such as e-bike tours, trekking tours, sailing excursions, river canoeing near Nice, sea kayaking, Nordic walking, and other light gym activities with licensed coaches. Furthermore, we provide walking tours along stunning coastal paths and uphill trails around Nice, allowing participants to appreciate the natural beauty of the region.

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4 Rue de l'Abbé Salvetti, 06300 Nice, France