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Hotel Adria

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Adria, the Cult Hotel of Merano

The Adria Hotel is an Art Nouveau jewel situated in the heart of the Obermais neighborhood in Merano. Since April 2019 a breath of fresh air has made it even brighter: a fresh palette on the walls, new linens and drapes, and even more charming details, carefully selected treasures to create a sense of vintage sentiment with contemporary touches. If you love Merano, its history, and timeless elegance, an unforgettable experience with the Amort-Ellmenreich family awaits you.

Hotel Adria is located in the district of Obermais. In the heart of the “Meraner Hautevolee ” which spreads out among palms, gardens, hills, and stately villas. A few steps away is the old town pulsating with life. The bustling Tappeinerweg and the gardens of Castle Trauttmansdorff, famous all over the world are all only a short stroll away. Give your car vacation and leave it to relax in the hotel parking lot. Walking here is a marvel.

The Adria Hotel is an ideal destination for those who love active holidays. Its location is a perfect starting point for any kind of excursion, city jaunts, or mountain hikes. The Adria Hotel, a serene villa in the city immersed in greenery, a place of peace and, above all, a majestic dwelling away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

A tradition which we live

The Adria Hotel is a meeting place for people and the history that has shaped Merano and our house. Our guests will not only enjoy a well-deserved holiday but also take a trip back in time. Breathe in the history around you. From the origins of Art Nouveau, when the hotel was called “Austria”, passing through the drama of the First World War which also involved the hotel acting as a military hospital, until today’s Adria, the walls of the house were always the same. The details of this long history are scattered throughout the rooms and corridors. All carefully preserved, restored and refreshed, because we know what values they hold and we take immense pleasure in sharing them with you. Contemporary tastes are only permitted if they complement the spirit of the time. We don’t chase fashions, we look for authenticity.

We believe in the value of hospitality endeavor to preserve it with commitment and passion. We’re waiting to welcome you.


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Via Hermann Gilm, 2, 39012 Merano BZ, Italy